Eleph Tey or Eleph Lemed

  This is a page exploring the idea of the first and last letters as a form of adress and the notaricon. In the old testament the word El is often found referring to the LORD . I have been a little curious about that and usually am directed to the word Eloheim, which I work out as Elechey.

Eleph Lemed
         Here is a egyptian shorthand which was used to communicate with the slaves and or foreign workers in the Sinai. The people there developed their own style and meanings as well as sounds to go with the picture symbols, this turned into the eleph-bet .
 The first letter is a vulture, that is the original eleph, a letter E and the last letter shown a black cobra, a  lemed, letter L                                                   hmmmmm    EL 
   In peleo the lemed is a shepherd's staff, but later in the square script the lemed looks very much like a cobra, a  letter L.                    
                                  First and last,  EL
                The first and last letters in the eleph-bet
    Eleph E            and                           Tey              T
                               ET     H 226 et  a miracle, beacon, banner, evidence
                               ET     H 853 entity
       I have also heard the ET described as untranslatable,
like the point of view of the LORD when JESUS is on the cross, something so unique that only the Spirit can explain it to us in our hearts.
 The notaricon is also about shorthand and originally it must have been about the HOLY NAME, from the Long form Ehyeh Ecer Ehyeh to the short form JESSE and then JEC JESSE JESUS.
         So maybe EL is an old form of saying first and last and especially a foreshadowing of the crucifixion and the banner of the HOLY NAME.

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