Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Symbol Of the First Christien Church In Jerusalem/Zion

 I have been studying paleo-hebrew, the oldest form of Hebrew. It is like little pictures, these “pictures” have changed somewhat over hundreds of years, but in this symbol are some of the oldest letter forms.
    The symbol represents the first Christien Church.The menoreh-like  character at the top is a cemech, with the base it is the YEC, TREE OF LIFE, lamp, light .
      The fish (or whale ) is a very old version of deleth , which means door.
Later it was simply drawn as a triangle. This is symbolic of the sign of Joneh“three days and three nights in the belly of a whale.” Like Jesus spending three days and night in the tomb before his resurrection. The small cross is a reminder of the crucifixion. Next time  you see  someone’s car with a Christien fish symbol you will know where it comes from.
    The star shape in the center  is a form of eyin, usually drawn like an eye.
   This character says a lot about the language. It is translated as fountain of the landscape, water being like an oasis of refuge. The phrase we are more familiar with is “apple of the eye”. The star must be the twinkle in the eye, like the reflection of the teacher in the eye of the pupil and especially the Father looking at his Son Jesus .
                             We hope to be seen as he is.
    So approaching the symbol from the point of view that it is actually a word, I looked it up in the Hebrew dictionary ( in the back of Strong’s concordence). I found the words yeceid and ceid. Jeceid means foundation, beginning, settle,repair,consult  take council, establish, instruct,to sit down together!
Ceid means to support,to help ,comfort ,establish ,strengthen.
     The Essene quarter is reputed to be the site of The Last Supper, Pentecost and the first Church . These words seem to be describing this, sitting down together at the Last Supper, being instructed, receiving the Holy Comforter at Pentecost and the founding of the continuing Christien Church. The marble base and all it represents is the foundation stone.          
    Later in 70 a.d. the Romans came to destroy Jerusalem and the  Christiens had been warned by Jesus that when Titus entered the Holy Place it was time to flee the city.
    They did exactly that, the Essene quarter had it’s own gate exiting the city and they left for the north to a place called Pelle, this word means miraculous, pelet escape, so miraculous escape, because they had  listened to the voice of the Lamb. The objects were found in a cave in the Essene quarter maybe they hid them there as evidence of the truth to help us today, that  is what I hope this is to you.
     I hope that in our time of need we will listen to the voice of Jesus.          

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Oil of the Spirit

This artifact was found  on the Essene Quarter of Jerusalem in a Cave.
The writing is 1st century heber  "The Oil of the Spirit"
                 Le Shemen Roech_n
 This is the source of the symbol of the First Christien Church
whose first bishop was James the brother of Jesus
and the home of Mary.
 This was an anointing jar and base
I have translated the symbol  JECEIDET  JECEI to free or deliver DET decree or command
                            The HOLY COMMISSION
 Look to the notes under "The Symbol Of the First Christien Church In Jerusalem/Zion" post  for more details.